The Shepherd’s Life

Review by John Snelson I just finished reading James Redbanks’ “The Shepherd’s Life”, that brought back some vivid memories from my past. After leaving school in 1963, a group of we lads (John, Jay, Norm, Dave T, Roger, Colin and I) decided to take a Easter Holiday in The Lake District, so off we went […]

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

Review by John Snelson This is possibly the best book I have ever read. That is saying something. I am talking about the book being informative, life-changing, readable, scientific and valuable. Some great concepts remain in my head every day. We all came out of Africa. There is no such thing as race in DNA […]

Rock Photography – Tony Mott

Rock Photography by Tony Mott This Saturday, a new exhibition opens at the State Library on New South Wales in the Mitchell & Dixson Galleries and runs until 7 February 2016. Australia’s premier rock photographer, Tony Mott has captured all aspects of the rock and roll lifestyle through his camera lens. An untrained photographer, he […]