Leica Q

Review by John Snelson The best camera I have ever owned or used is my Leica Q with its fixed 28mm autofocus Summilux f/1.7 28mm lens … and 24 MP CMOS full-frame sensor. It’s a bit of a hybrid for Leica as it has Autofocus, quite a change if you are coming from a M7, […]

Rock Photography – Tony Mott

Rock Photography by Tony Mott This Saturday, a new exhibition opens at the State Library on New South Wales in the Mitchell & Dixson Galleries and runs until 7 February 2016. Australia’s premier rock photographer, Tony Mott has captured all aspects of the rock and roll lifestyle through his camera lens. An untrained photographer, he […]

Concert Photography

In case you haven’t seen yet another book telling us what we already know … All Access:Your Backstage Pass To Convert Photography … by Alan Hess. Also did you know that there was a “5-hour workshop & conference” for us bums … Concert Precon at Photoshop World Maybe Get Shot Magazine should run such a […]

Leica X2

Review & Photos by John Snelson On Friday night, I was out at The Valve Underground in the Agincourt Hotel at Central, roadtesting the Leica X2 for suitability as a concert camera, well really more of a gig camera, okay, a rock photographer’s special purpose shooter. This is a real tough test but not unusual […]