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John McNamara – Rollin’ With It

Review by John Snelson This new album from John McNamara is damn good ! I love his rugged voice and the arrangements of the music by Lester Snell, particularly the brass, it is well paced and empathetic.  Husky and homely. Groovy and you know, it’s all there. Some outstanding tracks here … <i>Security</i> the Otis […]

Cliff Richard and The Drifters – A Screamer from 1959

Album Review by John Snelson You know, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that one day I would write a positive review about a Cliff Richard album. My good friend Chris Turner just sent me Cliff Richard‘s first album Cliff .  It was released in April 1959 and reached No. 4 in […]

Glenn Cardier – Cool Under Fire

CD Album Review and Photo by John Snelson Excellent new album out from Glenn Cardier – with all of the expected artisan musicianship, individuality, quirkiness and quality expected from one of Australia’s grand musical artists. In this work, Glenn again employs his squad of great musicians including Rex Goh (one of our favourites here at […]

Clayton Doley

Review by John Snelson I’ve been listening to a delightful album to be released on June 19th called Bayou Billabong from Clayton Doley, recorded in New Orleans at The Music Shed and also at the Free Energy Device in Sydney. This is pretty good, perhaps softer and perhaps more gentle and rhythmic than the normal […]

Orange Humble Band “Depressing Beauty”

Review by Rufus Onfire How long is too long in between albums? In the case of anointed indie supergroup of sorts Orange Humble Band 15 years has passed since they last graced us with their presence on record via the Humblin’ Across America slab. For Darryl Mather it was time for a period of rest […]

Tim Rogers & The Bamboos – “The Rules of Attraction”

Review by Rufus Onfire Every year needs a feelgood album, one which gets the feet tapping, puts a smile on your face so you can enjoy the moment as the sounds wind out of the speakers for your enjoyment. With this new release from the Melbourne funk and soul warriors The Bamboos we may have […]

My Morning Jacket – “The Waterfall”

Album Review by Rufus Onfire Jim James and his troubadours from Louisville Kentucky are back with their 7th album and first in 4 years, and has this new release continued to build on the good work gained critically and commercially over the past decade. Sticking with the brains trust of co-producers James and Tucker Martine […]

Paul Weller “Saturns Pattern”

Review by Rufus Onfire 2015, and it’s Weller time once more. Returning for his 12th solo outing and first since 2012’s Sonik Kicks the recent period of pushing of the envelope sound wise continues here. The Modfather looks to take in as much as he can influence as he heads towards 4 decades on record […]

Brandon Flowers “The Desired Effect”

Review by Rufus Onfire Ah yes, the side project solo album. The chance to showcase on record what may otherwise be left on the shelf when it comes to your day job. Brandon Flowers is no stranger to this, having delivered fine debut in 2010 “Flamingo” and after another underwhelming album with his regular combo […]

The Serpent Power

Review by Rufus Onfire And so we come to the latest offering from Merseyside and the ever expanding mine map that has its epicentre in the group The Coral. With the lads still on hiatus and indulging in solo/side and sibling related projects, Coral drummer Ian Skelly now comes to us via this new combo […]

Bop English “Constant Bop”

Review by Rufus Onfire What is it with artist these days going the solo route and adopting another guise to showcase their work? James Petralli from Austin Texas alt rockers White Denim has been entertaining us for 7 years now with his band’s jamming/improv and ear for experimentation on record, and here the mystery continues […]

Ron Sexsmith “Carousel One”

Review by Rufus Onfire Okay folks, time for a bit of guilty pleasure admission here. We all have at one time or another an artist we love to listen to but not discuss with others, someone we like to keep within our own cocoon to savour solely. For yours truly one of those is the […]

“Little By Little A Little Later” Lincoln MacKinnon

Review by Rufus Onfire The creative process in the life of a musician – some like controlled chaos, others go for solitude in a burrow of paradise away from the hassle seeking their own slice of inspiration to create their latest piece of work. For Melbourne’s Lincoln Mackinnon, his special place and new hometown was […]

Noel Gallagher is Chasing Yesterday

Album Review by Rufus Onfire Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “Chasing Yesterday” Life’s been good to the man known as “The Chief” of late. (Pssst … “That’s not me although it hasn’t been too shabby either”) Ed.) Solid first up solo release, overseeing the expansive uber reissues of his old band’s generation defining first 2 […]

The Sundowners

Review by Rufus Onfire It has been said that sometimes musical tastes and likes don’t fall far from the genre tree it first sprung from. … and in the case of Merseyside outfit The Sundowners this tree of psychedelia and classic rock and pop styling’s influence wise had its origins across the Wirral from the […]


Review by Regi Su and Photography by Kate Wehl Original Melbourne band, Dice, recently played at the Gunn Music Productions Espy Artist Showdown in late November 2014 at The Espy where they satisfied the audience with a solid wave of rock. Having a pretty good track record doing gigs in Victoria, the band is breaking […]

That Red Head

Story & Photos by John Snelson That Red Head is the collaboration of Sydney drummer and vocalist Lozz Benson and guitarist Campbell McLennon Umbers. Regular readers of Get Shot Magazine will recognise Lozz as the drummer with the JHD Revival Band and The Sirens Big Band, Pat Capocci, Big Blind Ray and supporting Paul Kelly […]

My Top 10 Albums Of 2014

by Rufus Onfire Gee times flies. Only seems a short while ago we were having a look see at what made our ears hum in 2013 and before you know it the year has passed and it’s time to do it 2014 style. Landscape wise the melting pot cake of change still seems to be […]

Ash Archer and the Spitfires

Review by Regi Su and Images by Kate Wehl Ash Archer and the Spitfires‘ most recent album; ‘Ride Like The Wind’, really captures the grit and essence of Archer’s vocals and composing abilities. Earthen and grounded with elements of Nickelback and Bon Jovi, Archer’s vocals capture a grit in the timbre and his lead guitar […]

Marlow’s new single – ‘Life on Repeat’

Review by Regi Su Sydney-based Alternative Indie Rock band Marlow have released ‘Life on Repeat’ as a new single in 2014. This band has been labelled as a ‘healthy middle ground between progressive and alternative’ and I’d have to agree their sounds are fast paced, high energy and bursting with electricity. Their older tracks cement […]

Johnny Marr “Playland”

Review by Rufus Onfire Sometimes a long gestation period to achieve an end goal can open the floodgates to creativity. In the case of Johnny Marr it took a quarter of a century to deliver his first solo album in 2013’s “The Messenger”, and hitting the road to support it has seen the creative juices […]

The Preatures “Blue Planet Fire”

by Rufus Onfire We’ve been waiting a while for the new Aussie music of 2014 to start to permeate the charts and fill our ears with joyful sounds. Drip fed early on in the year things have now headed towards a waterfall and in amongst the current is this long awaited debut album from Sydney […]

Allah-Las “Worship The Sun”

by Rufus Onfire It’s been a picture postcard for decades now when it comes to music and superstardom. The sunshine and good vibes of Los Angeles California have produced many an influential and iconic performing artist over the years and continue to this day. In the case of the 4 piece garage rockers Allah-Las it […]

King Of The North- “Sound The Underground” album review

  Reviewed by Regi Su, courtesy of Kate Wehl King Of The North has such a massive sound. When I listened to them, I thought there was a full band, couple of guitars, a bass and drums. Alas, this is not the case. King Of The North is a band consisting of two members; Andrew […]