Concert Photography

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In case you haven’t seen yet another book telling us what we already know … All Access:Your Backstage Pass To Convert Photography … by Alan Hess.

Also did you know that there was a “5-hour workshop & conference” for us bums … Concert Precon at Photoshop World

Maybe Get Shot Magazine should run such a workshop … but then there would be more competition for places in the pit.

The problem is that this hobby/business now has

  • such a low capital investment (say from the cost of a good crop DSLR like a Nikon D7000 or a Canon 7D … to $20,000 of camera and lenses {like a Nikon D3, D4, D600/700/800 or a Canon 1 or 5D} and software)
  • miniscule incremental operating cost now we are all digital
  • a low risk entry point
  • you (and I) don’t have to be more than average to look brilliant
  • it’s fun and
  • you get in to see great shows for free

No wonder as Gaynor Crawford told me, there were more than 1000 applications this year for accreditation for Bluesfest 2014 at Byron.

If anyone has this book, you may care submit a short review. There are other books too if you want to talk about them, we can publish them.  I have these but if you have a view on them and any others, let’s hear it ….

  • Tony Mott’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography – The New Trainspotting” which likens what we do to collecting train numbers (music snaps like scalps) … older catalogue going back to film … interesting stories and some remarjkable images …. yet, I think I have seen equal or more exciting portriats and actions hots …
  • Loe Beerens “Three Songs, No Flash!: Your Ultimate Guide to Concert Photography” … I like this book, seems to have managed putting his own images into context with full disclosure of kit and settings whilst showing what can be done with artists we kno
  • Annie Liebowitz’ “Annie Liebowitz” – a huge tome – well, classy but not much techical input
  • Best of all … no book … just go and look at Todd Owyoung’s website for the emperor, the master, IMHO the world’s b-e-s-t concert photographer

Are there any others worthy of note ?

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