Catherine Traicos

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Review by Regi Su

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos released her album The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky in the November of 2013.

In my opinion, it’s the perfect showcase of her abilities and talents, in both performing and song-writing.

Catherine Traicos - Earth, Moon, Sea & Starry Night

Catherine Traicos – Earth, Sea, Moon and Sky

Her bio identifies her as a blend of alternative country, blues, roots and folk. To be honest, I don’t disagree. It’s not that each song is chock-full of homages to each genre, no. It’s that each track on her album is distinctly different from the previous, while still remaining true to her signature sound.

“One By One” is a lovely, simple track which helps open and introduce the tone of the album. Catherine’s vocals are smooth, silky and slinky. She’s like a shiny black cat as it simpers the dark alleyways of Paris at midnight. The second track of her album- “All the Angels” really demonstrates this as well. I love her voice. It’s soft and non-committal, but there’s a deep passion for music.

Her power comes from whispering, from breathing the words the carry the lazy tune, the tune that keeps the backing band, The Starry Night, in check.

Her album shows versatility, while it also shows her. The difference between tunes like “Light in the Dark” and “Devil’s Lover” still exemplify the sheer beauty of Catherine’s voice, while the tunes demonstrate her execution of different genres. “Devil’s Lover” is a little bit smooth-jazz with balanced equalising and guitar solos to support. It’s a rather professional, well-polished track that shows dynamism and control. In comparison, “Light in the Dark” has more of a catchy beat, a faster tempo, a difference in percussion and it sounds as if the guitar’s been amped up to a different setting.

Her master plan is very clever, she uses the same instruments amplified a little differently to bring out a different genre or to draw out a different ambiance. Her final track on The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky album is “A Stranger’s Lullaby” has a really nice base line.

To me, her music should either be turned up to the max with good quality headphones – to really appreciate all the layers underneath her smooth voice, or as light background music to an artisan exotic furniture store with mahogany and cedar tables and carved fruit bowls and sandalwood.

She’s calming and her voice is wonderful. She’s my kind of music.