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Gurumul - John Snelson
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Joe Cocker - Ant Ritz
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Viper Creek Band - Malcolm Katon
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Caloundra Music Festival 2015

Caloundra Music Festival 2015

Caloundra Music Festival smThe Caloundra Music Festival has been called an “intimate affair.

It’s held right on the beach with a fantastic lineup of music.

Festival director Richie Eyles asks, ”why wouldn’t you come?”.

We thought it such a good question, a cracker of a lineup and such a great opportunity that Get Shot Magazine will be there ourselves with full coverage, performance reviews and photographs of all the action.

With it’s eclectic mix of music, there is something for all tastes.

Look at this fantastic lineup :-

Caloundra Music Festival 2 sm

In its 9th year, the Caloundra Music Festival is a not-for-profit festival set up to showcase the Sunshine coast and more particularly the Kings Beach area of Caloundra where the actual music festival is held.

The build up to the festival starts with the Fringe Festival the week before with arts, culture, comedy, cinema, music & culinary delights.

See you at Caloundra Music Festival from the 2nd to 5th October.

JHD Revival Band & The Arc Riders @ The Eastern Lounge

Story and Photos by John Snelson & Jane Hearn

There is only one decent music venue on the North Shore of Sydney, that is The Eastern Lounge in Roseville.  It’s a pretty sad indictment of the live music scene in Sydney.

However, here, David Keogh bravely puts on one helluva top quality show a month. On Saturday, he brought The JHD Revival Band north of the Harbour for the first time plus The Arc Riders.  That in itself is quite an achievement.

More photos of The Arc Riders and JHD Revival Band can be seen here by clicking on the thumbnails in the Get Shot Magazine Galleries.

As forementioned, supporting JHD, we had the added privilege of seeing Tony Cini’s new outfit The Arc Riders. The new band is modeled in the new style like The Dead Daisies on a collective of top class musos. 

On this Saturday, Tony brought together Al Britton on bass, Bruce Stephens on drums and Phil Knight on guitar.  By any measure, we had a great lineup on Saturday – jamming in also was the impressive Juan Pablo Ordonez.

Tony Cini’s new blues outfit – The Arc Riders

What did we think about the new Arc Riders ?

On Saturday night, the Arc Riders’ brought a new vision to the North Shore, bringin’ back the blues !

A new Arc Riders album recorded at Ryan Van Gennip’s new studio up in the mountains is in production and will be available soon.

Tony tells me that this will feature new material.

The version of “Hey Joe” on Saturday night was one of the best I have ever heard.

Full marks to Phil Knight (accompanied by Juan Pablo Ordonez), Bruce Stephens and Al Britton for driving the band home behind Tony Cini’s forceful vocals.

Great stuff Tony – you really nailed it! We are looking forward to hearing the new repertoire and the new album too !

New South American guitarist Juan Pablo Ordonez  …. with Phil Knight

I’ve long been an admirer of Bruce Stephens, an excellent and purist drummer in style and presentation. If you watch and listen you can almost hear him think with his hands and feet. A pleasure indeed at any show where Bruce sits behind the pots and pans – and he is a real gentleman !  There you are Bruce, gotcha in one shot below.

Bruce Stephens rockin’ up a storm on the tins and skins

After the interlude, and a considerable amount of time spent by the panel guy trying to get the sound check right, we got under way with The JHD Revival Band, certainly the best music heard north of the Waverton Coal Loader since the last concert of Galapagus Duck and The Enormous Horns at The Great Northern Hotel last century.

Leading from the front is Emily Benson – a gifted bluesy singer who just gets better and better each time I hear her. She is a force of nature who really gives it everything she’s got.

The talented Em Benson fronts the JHD Revival Band

John Hardaker’s band had a few new faces (new to us, that is) for a variety of reasons.  Mike Wheatley is a great new keys man and Greg Levine has joined the One Truth Horns on tenor sax. In addition this Saturday, standing in for Ed Thomas Hughes (who is carousing around the Caribbean) on the congas/percussion it was a great performance by the unassuming Alex Hitlian.    Shannon Haritos is also overseas on tour and the impressive Jess Dunn was standing in and did a great job. Let hope we see more of her. All up, a really good lineup of talented young musicians who deliver the real thing.

Stalwarts of the JHD team – on drums holding it all together was Lozz Benson, alto sax Abi McCunn and vocalist Emily Benson – all led of course by the remarkable John Hardaker who gracefully ensures that each band member gets their moment in the limelight.

(Best wishes to baritone sax lady Shauna O’Neill who was unavailable on Saturday night.)

John Hardaker and impressive new bassist Jess Dunn

We were treated to a miscellany of great music – some written by John and perhaps assisted by others in the band – and covers including a rousing version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and Janice Joplin’s “Come On Over“. 

The band also featured songs from their CDs and videos including “Revelator”, “Don’t Cut Me Out”, “Grow Your Own”, “Spoonful of the Blues” and “Do The Right Thing”.

The Eastern Lounge – an oasis of good music in the North Shore Desert

The best was kept to the last … a rousing drum solo by Lozz Benson and percussionist on the congas Alex Hitlian in which they changed places without stopping playing … pure theatre … entertainment topping off a top night !

Lozz Benson and new congas/percussionist Alex Hitlian swap seats

I cannot leave this article without paying tribute to David Keogh – the man behind The Eastern Lounge. Without David’s vision and commitment, there would be no, that is zilch, nada blues, jazz or funky music on the North Shore of Sydney.  Since the demize of Lizotte’s at Dee Why, there is a dearth of music venues – ha-ha, leaving aside the Hornsby Bloodhouse and the Bayview at  Gladesville .  So, thank you David, you are a whiz.

You can keep up with what is happening at these monthly events by visiting The Eastern Lounge website to see what is coming up.

Shows coming up before the end of the year include  Johnny G & The E Types celebrating Otis Redding in September, Glenn Cardier & The Sideshow, and in October a frequent visitor to the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival Canada’s Charlie A’Court – all look pretty exciting !

Get Shot Magazine will be there – we go to all the best shows in town !

More photos of The Arc Riders and JHD Revival Band can be seen here by clicking on the thumbnails in the Get Shot Magazine Galleries.

The Eastern Lounge

Story & Photos by John Snelson

It’s on tonight … tonight, at The Eastern Lounge, Roseville … they are bringing back the blues to the North Shore … it’s been a while … great to see The Eastern Lounge continuing to support live music … this is an oasis in the North Shore’s musical desert … congrats to all involved in supporting this event including Georgina Reed and Peter March from FM 99.3 Northside Radio … let’s have more of it …

JHDRevivalAJS_6468 fb

“Bringin’ Back the Blues”, with the talented, funky, bluesy 9-piece best blues/jazzy band this side of the Waverton Coal Loader, the fantabulous “JHD Revival Band”

… PLUS …

Tony Cini’s new outfit “The Arc Riders” :-

Ginhouse3393 FB

Get it on tonight ..

eastern lounge


Coming ready or not … at last, the release of Shanghai‘s album “The Ultraviolent” is nigh.

So, it’s only taken them 5 long years, but we can finally announce the release date for the fantabulous, quirky, whoo-hoo, super-dooper brand new album ‘The Ultraviolent’ on September 8th, 2015.

Fans of Get Shot Magazine over the last 5 years will know that we are big on this band and their associates Mechanical Black and Paralysis.

Shanghai - The UltraviolentMusical director and hash slinger Luis Rojas (winner of the 2004 National MusicOz Award for Best Rock Artist with his band the Locus Scene) formed the seven piece experimental outfit last century.  Some say the band reminds them of  Frank Zappa, Naked City (John Zorn), The Residents and even Mr Bungle.

Characterised by unconventional song structures, regular musical genre changes within songs, uncommon instrumentation (including marimba, theremin and skin flute) and unconventional samples, Shanghai still manage to remain accessible and adaptable to the live music scene with regular collages of rock/metal and recognisable elements of film and television music genres: film-noir, crime, espionage, sci-fi and western.
With band members currently based in Sydney, Wollongong and Brisbane, Shanghai are now set to amuse, abuse and confuse listeners up and down Australia’s East Coast.

That’s the ever so enchanting Chantel Bann on keys and Luis Rojas on a variety of rather nice guitars and the theramin and sometimes foghorn … the lady sartorially elegant dressed somewhat a L’Orient – whereas Luis is looking as sharp as a Portuguese priest on holiday in Guatamala.

Shanghai have performed alongside a host of varied bands including Neil Hamburger (US), Vampillia (JPN), Ruins (JPN), Dead Letter Circus, The Snowdroppers, The Red Paintings, The Art and Umlaut, as well as participating in Festivals such as the Dead of Winter (QLD), This is Not Art (NEWCASTLE), Progfest, Featherfest and Menagerie.

Get yerselves into Shanghai – you can pre-order the album in digital format, CD Digipak and/or Double Vinyl now at:


Narooma 2015

The Great Southern Blues Festival 2015 is looking like a doozie.

On stage will be a great lineup including

Chase The Sun ….. well, that’s enough already ! Then there’s BlueKing Brown, Ross Wilson, The Dynamic Hepnotics, 19Twenty, Swamphouse, Lloyd Spiegel, Marshall O’Kell, the Doleys and lots more … see the poster

Narooma 2015

See you there October 2,3,4 2015 at The Great Southern Blues Festival

Bello Winter Music

Story and Photos by Mary Mackenzie and Anthony Moulay

Winter Warmth and great music from the village of Bellingen at the inaugural Bello Winter Music Festival

ArteKanelaFlamenco3_AnthonyMoulayWithin about 5 minutes of arriving one of the friendly locals tipped us off about the new Bello Brewery Wine Bar opening, which was going to be one of the music venues over the weekend so we took the opportunity to get in early and check it out. After joining the celebration sampling some of the fine ales we got rugged up & headed out to the inaugural Bello Winter Music festival which kicked off on a somewhat chilly night. The moon was full and shone brightly on this gorgeous village throughout the nights of the whole festival.

After the traditional Welcome to Country, MC Mandy Nolan declared Mullumbimby & Bellingen “linked by felt”!  The Memorial Hall filled to share a brilliant showcase of talent from some of the festival artists. Local musicians Honey & Knives and Jack Carty started the proceedings followed by Jo Jo Smith, the wonderful FourPlay and Sketch the Rhyme – freestyle rappers accompanied by their sketch artists, like an advanced Mr Squiggle! Greg Sheehan then got everyone warmed up with some interactive body percussion and finished off his set with a sublime duet with Shenzo Gregoriou from FourPlay on violin and Greg on the Swiss percussion instrument, the Hung. Perch Creek – all grown up now, upped the anti to keep us all warm.

RasaDuende1_AnthonyMoulay Scott_TheMidNorthandSamFell_Rhythms1_AnthonyMoulay

A welcome discovery of the downstairs bar was definitely the place to be. Uber cool funked out in fairy lights and aromatic drishti candles in a great room under the stage. Comfy lounge chairs, good wine, great company and a very relaxed atmosphere – perfect for winter. This was going to be a great weekend if this was the sort of celebration we were going to witness over the weekend.

Friday started off with getting a bit of dirt under our fingernails with the LeaF (Learning Festival) Permaculture at the Northbank Community Gardens & then down by the river for the Primitive Fire Making workshop that had loads of interested participants from the festivalgoers and others from the community.

The musician mentorship program got it so right by perfectly matching mentors with local youth acts. Such knowledge was shared freely by the mentors. We had the privilege of sitting in on some of these sessions at the newly built Youth Centre where Jack Carty, Gabriel & Cecelia, Honey & Knives and Mid North participated in the centre’s well-equipped music studio. Watch out for these up and coming Bello young musicians – Jarryn Phegan, The Wild Wanderers, Rosie Stephen & The Brothers.


Picks from the music for Friday were Brisbane based Bullhorn who had the Golf Club pumping, jumping & heaving, Yeshe @ café #5, and the high energy action band Dubmarine at The Memorial Hall.

Bello community were very accommodating, with its restaurants & cafés bedding down their festival processes. Not all were quite prepared for the numbers and perhaps some better planning for extended hours may help to get a meal after 8:30pm. The Little Red Kitchen delivered with hospitality, great music and great pizza (lunch here both days kicking back and listening to some great music by Andrew Morris and The Starboard Cannons).

Saturday saw a sold out festival but some punters were left disappointed, as they didn’t heed the advice of getting to the popular acts well in advance of the start time. Because of this some ticket holders missed the headline act “The Milk Carton Kids” as the Memorial Hall was packed to the gunnels and safety issues meant the doors were closed.


The duo performed with flawless vocal harmonies being somewhat reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel. With beautiful guitar work weaving in between the swells and the descents, hints of Dave Rawlings and other times sounding like a Con trained classical guitarists.

The festivals use of existing venues helped local business, Festival Club #5 Church Street was constantly full with such a great variety of acts during the course of the festival. The boys from the Wilson Pickers with their pure harmonies produced goosebumps at the Diggers Tavern in the afternoon. Karl S Williams was by far the best act with the addition of drums, some keys & that strong powerful voice made his set brilliant. His spiritual solo to finish was worthy of the standing ovation. Ash Grunwald as the headline act played loud & hard to close Saturday night to the delight of the many.

Sunday we tried to get to the Yoga but sadly the late night did us in. We were treated to the SoHum choir & Voices from the Vacant Lot at the Golf Club. Market stalls were held in the park opposite the Memorial Hall, local community radio station 2triple B caravan setup and impromptu performances by the Cassettes & the Bollywood Sisters kept the crowd entertained.


The iconic Magic Bus managed to weave its way into the hearts of Bello – to complete the sister festival connection with Mullumbimby.


An outstanding and potential logistical nightmare for organiser of the “river song” sessions Mary Cannon presented some wonderful collaborations. The traditional “Down to the River to Pray” was performed by local Cath Cooper, Sara Tindley and Tinpan Orange lead singer Emily Lubitz. Ash Bells’ (Starboard Cannons) Moon River was beautiful as was the song sung by Emma Donovan.


Wilson Pickers arrived to create havoc for the sound guys but finished the river songs with “Cold River”. And then an all in version by all collaborators of Neil Young’s “Down by the River” vocals led by The Wilson Picker’s Ben Salter doing a fine job with the supplied lyrics.


Sunday night the Flamenco extravaganza by Arte Kanela was a visual and emotive dance feast, with swirling dresses, fast stamping footwork and passionate clapping. Marlon Williams and the Yarra Benders were the other standout act.


Marlon’s voice range is dynamic and ably supported by his band. With special guest Laura Jean they performed “Dark Child” and covered the Zombies “Time of the Season”. He really is worthy of the hype, if you get a chance make sure you catch him. The festival closed with Chalk ‘n’ Cheese – which featured funked up beats by Melbourne outfit The Seven Ups, Oh Pep, Sketch the Rhyme to name a few onstage at Diggers Tavern for a jam session.

This festival will only grow so get in early for the next one, it was a huge success and the feel was so welcoming with an appeal to all ages and musical tastes. Kudos to the Bello Winter Music Team in delivering this baby after a long labour of love that we predict will only grow on to huge success.

Bello Winter Music 

Venue: Bellingen, NSW – Various Venues

Dead Daisies KISS Australia

The Dead Daisies is a musical collective created by a rotating line-up that features some of the world’s best recognised rock musicians.

The lineup includes Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses, Psychedelic Furs) on lead guitar, Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) on bass, Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses, Hookers & Blow), David Lowy (Mink, Red Phoenix) on guitar and Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol) on drums. Also along for the ride are Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones, Sting, Peter Gabriel), John Corabi (Motley Crue, RATT) who will be the lead singer for the coming Australian Tour and Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones).

The Daisies will be touring in Australia with KISS in October.

Tour Dates with KISS in Australia and New Zealand

Saturday, October 3 – PERTH Arena
Tuesday, October 6 – ADELAIDE Entertainment Centre
Thursday, October 8 – MELBOURNE Rod Laver Arena
Friday, October 9 – MELBOURNE Rod Laver Arena
Saturday, October 10 – SYDNEY AllPhones Arena
Monday, October 12 – NEWCASTLE Entertainment Centre
Tuesday, October 13 – BRISBANE Entertainment Centre
Friday, October 16 – AUCKLAND Vector Aren

The rock band’s tour of Cuba was the first for an international band since the Obama administration loosened travel and trade restrictions with the country.  The Daisies’ documentary film about this historic trip entitled Revolución, is to be premiered on Twitter on August 1st, 7pm NY (EDT).

Dead Daisies 7 Revolucion


Clayton Doley

Review by John Snelson

I’ve been listening to a delightful album to be released on June 19th called Bayou Billabong from Clayton Doley, recorded in New Orleans at The Music Shed and also at the Free Energy Device in Sydney.

clay orbit medThis is pretty good, perhaps softer and perhaps more gentle and rhythmic than the normal offerings from either of the Doleys. 

The album features many guests including lap slide man Harry Manx, brother Lachy Doley and Ganfa Diri on the ridgy-didge.

Mahalia Barnes, Jade MacRae and Juanita Tippins provide some really nice and sensitive doo-wop backing vocals.

All of the songs were written by Clayton, evidently inspired by the New Orleans piano masters. The songs feature Doley’s quirky lyrics and song artistry and of course he plays many instruments himself.

Yes, but what’s the music like ? 

Well, it’s an easy style sort of funky jazz with a bit of blues and quite cool and laid back. They’re my off-the-tip-of-my-tongue words but it’s hard to put adjectives to quality music like this without using motherhoods like “it really is very listenable, it’s sharp and yet almost late-night relaxing”. I am trying to say that I like it and it’s exceptionally good !

Bayou Billabong comfortably reflects the New Orleans blues piano tradition rather than the trad jazz style.  The album features past and present members of Jon Cleary’s band, The Absolute Monster Gentlemen as the rhythm section. It also features the amazing marching band brass of The Treme Funktet with members of Galactic and Trombone Shorty’s Orleans Avenue.

June 19th – that’s the day you can get your copy !  See Clayton’s site here

ALBUM LAUNCH on July 10th 2015 at The Basement in Sydney


Starring – Mahalia Barnes (Vocals), Jade MacRae (Vocals), Juanita Tippins (Vocals), James Greening (Trombone) Matt Keegan (Tenor Sax), Illya Szwec (Guitar), Jan Bangma (Bass), Matt Morrison (Drums), Clayton Doley (Piano, Organ & Vocals).

Score 4/5

Educating Rita

Story by John Snelson

Just been to see “Educating Rita” in an update production at The Ensemble Theatre here in Kirribilli, Sydney.

crop-rita-673x384The Ensemble is Australia’s longest, continuously running professional theatre company; it’s in the round, small and intimate – so perfectly positioned for this great two-actor play that takes place in the office of Frank, a rather boozy, frustrated university lecturer.  Frank is lovable, yet warn down by “the system”, feeling failed, unfulfilled and a factotum of the tertiary factory.

Being a Scouse myself, Willy Russell is a fave playwriter of mine – and I do like this story, set in working class Liverpool.  Willy Russell’s work also includes “Blood Brothers” and “Shirley Valentine“.

In trying to sum up the story without trivialising the themes, I think it is about the urge within us all to improve our lot, in the belief that we can make life better for ourselves.

It is not without it’s sadness though – so it is a bittersweet comedy in many respects.  On the one hand we have the rather greyed character of Frank the lecturer and on the other, the effervescent and voluble, ball of energy that is Rita – she has a vivacity and naive belief and hunger … she is working as a hair dresser but yearns for some smarts and is determined to get them through a relentless series of questions, a bit of study and a belief that Frank can help her to become “educated dead quick like” in the Scouse vernacular.

Frank’s lack of energy, his resignation to a continuing dreary life without spark or self achievement does not totally hide some potential if only it could be awakened.  His evident sharp wit and latent creativity has been blunted by the dreary dross of the lower levels of tertiary education.

Rita brings challenges and the awakening of choices for both of them.  Frank is played by director Mark Kilmurry and Rita by Catherine McGraffin.  Tops.

Get along to see “Educating Rita” at The Ensemble … there are a few tickets left and it is showing until the end of June.

Score 5/5



Reece Mastin @ Waves Nightclub, Wollongong 13.6.15

Reece Mastin at Waves Nightclub, Towradgi 13.6.15
Story and Photos by Malcolm Katon
It seems that many artists that come to the public attention through a reality show such as X Factor or The Voice are often maligned and not considered as worthy as other artists that take a different route.

The music industry is a tough one to get noticed in and artists need to use whatever method that suits them. They should not be criticised because they chose to enter a competition but should be judged on their ability to entertain.

Reece IMG_7264 copy

Reece Mastin

Reece Mastin won the 3rd season of the Australian X Factor in 2011 and having attended his show at Waves Nightclub last Friday night I can confirm that he does know how to entertain a crowd and did so very well. He has the looks, the moves and knows how to engage the audience. Watching the way that he moves on stage and his mannerisms reminds me of some of the great Aussie rockers from the 80’s.

Reece Mastin IMG_7127 copy

Reece Mastin

When I go to a gig I go because I wish to be entertained and this involves much more than simply listening to someone sing. If I just wanted to just listen to music then I would put a CD on in the car. I want to feel the excitement of the crowd, be dazzled by the lighting, feel the sound from the speakers, be deafened (not fully) by the band and to watch an artist perform. I want the whole package.

Reece Mastin is quickly developing into the whole package and I am looking forward to seeing him continue to grow as a singer and as a performer.

Reece Mastin IMG_6963 copy

Reece Mastin

Anyone that can have Mahalia Barnes as a back-up singer is doing pretty good in my books.

Reece Mastin performed song from his debut album Beautiful Nightmare, from his new EP Rebel and the Reason along with some more original songs and a great cover of Robert Palmer’sSimple Irresistible”. One of my favourite songs on the night was “Paradise City”.

Reece Mastin IMG_6954 copy

Reece Mastin

You can keep up to with the band on his website Reece Mastin Official  like his page on Reece Mastin facebook

Reece Mastin IMG_6872 copy

Reece Mastin

There are a few more gigs on the current tour that you can catch Reece Mastin at:

19th June, 2015 The Capital, Bendigo Vic
20th June, 2015 The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne Vic
21st June, 2015 Esso BHP Wellington Entertainment Centre, Sale Vic

Reece Mastin IMG_6810 copy

Reece Mastin


Eastern Lounge AJS_1520-1sm
JHD Revival Band & The Arc Riders @ The Eastern Lounge

Story and Photos by John Snelson & Jane Hearn There is only one decent music venue on the North …

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