01Santana - Photo by John Snelson AJS_5109
02Wendy Mathews - Photo by John Snelson 9328
03ZZ Top - Photo by John Snelson copy
04Deborah Harry - Photo by John Snelson AJS_1009
05BBKing - Photo by John Snelson DSC_2246
14Steve Kilby - The Church - Photo by John Snelson xAJS_1623
13Andrew Strong - Photo by John SnelsonAJS_5618
12Amanda Palmer - Photo by John Snelson
11Tony Joe White - Bluesfest 2015 Photo by John Snelson AJS_0899_4024
10Taylor Dayne - Photo by John Snelson AJS_4192
09Rodriguez - Photo by John Snelson AJS_4821
08PointerSisters - Photo by John Snelson xAJS_7984
07Nick Cave - Grinderman - Photo by John Snelson AJS_2058
06Joan Armatrading - Photo by John Snelson AJS_4708
15Angry Anderson  - Photo by John Snelson
16JethroTull - Photo by John Snelson
17Beth Hart Bluesfest 2015 Photo by John Snelson AJS_0220_4491
18DocNeeson - Photo by John Snelson Dyptych
19Blondie - Photo by John Snelson AJS_1158
20Donovan - Photo by John Snelson AJS_7133
21Grace Jones - Photo by John Snelson
22Jimmy Barnes  - Photo by John Snelson AJS_8220_1451-2676750353-O
23Joanne Shaw Taylor - Photo by John Snelson AJS_7985d
32John Mayall Bluesfest 2015 Photo by John Snelson AJS_8862_2553
31Grace Potter - Photo by John Snelson
30Rufus Wainwright - Photo by John Snelson DSCF1377
29Megan Washington - Photo by John Snelson DSCF1289
28Joe Bonamassa - Photo by John Snelson AJS_3730
27Festival Bluesfest 2015 Photo John Snelson AJS_0365_4636
26Richard Hawley - Photo by John Snelson AJS_7286
25Martha Wainwright - Photo by John Snelson DSCF3638
24Jimmy Cliff - Photo by John Snelson AJS_4513
33Leonardo's Bride - Photo by John Snelson FILE00546
34Cranberries - Photo by John Snelson AJS_3205
35Osibisa - Photo by John Snelson 3378
36Susan Tedeschi & Derek Trucks - Photo by John Snelson FILE00502
37Wolf Mail - Photo by John Snelson AJS_9177
38Mechanical Black - Photo by John Snelson
39John Fogerty - Photo by John Snelson AJS_7457
40Baby Animals - Photo by John SnelsonAJS_4560
41Gurumul - Photo by John Snelson
50Tracer - Photo by John Snelson
49LanieLane - Photo by John Snelson AJS_7286
48Status Quo - Photo by John Snelson AJS_6175ss
47Buffy Sainte-Marie - Photo by John Snelson XDSC_2927
46George Clinton Bluesfest 2015 Photo by John Snelson AJS_1122_4247
45BackBeat CD Cover Photos by John Snelson
44Angelique Kidjo Bluesfest 2015 Photo by John Snelson AJS_0316_4587
43PainDivision - Photo by John Snelson 0126
42Shanghai - Photo by John SnelsonAJS_2973x


Doug Aldrich Ups The Daisies


Doug Aldridge (Source Sleaz Roxx)

The Dead Daisies are proud to announce the addition of Doug Aldrich to the lineup as lead guitarist of the powerful music collective.

Guitarist Richard Fortus and keyboardist Dizzy Reed will be stepping aside to be a part of a momentous project in 2016.

Aldrich is currently in Nashville with the Daisies working with producer Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Gavin Rossdale, Mötley Crüe, Buckcherry) on their follow up to the album Revolución, released last year following the bands trip to Cuba.

The still untitled album will be released globally on SPV Records later this year.

Aldrich joins bassist Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), guitarist David Lowy (MINK, Red Phoenix), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, The Scream) on vocals and Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol) on drums.

Dead Daisies

“I’m very, very happy to join my friends Marco, Brian, John and David in the next chapter of The Dead Daisies,” proclaims Aldrich. “I love the band and I’m looking forward to getting busy on the new record. This band is bringing back a raw, back to the bones sound that a lot of groups go for but The Dead Daisies are looking to nail. At this point in time, we are looking to have a kick ass Rock ‘n’ Roll album in the can by spring 2016.”

With a killer new album in the works, heavy touring being booked and fueled by their ever-growing fan base, the Daisies band is showing no signs of letting up.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is alive and well!!!

Get Shot Radio & Magazine

Kristy Coote

KC Free WindKristy Coote just released her new single ‘Free Wind’ on November 23 and, now announces her tour with special guest, Tyrone Noonan.

This is the first single to drop from her upcoming album “Favourite Thing”, scheduled for release early 2016.  ‘Free Wind’ talks about going down the road less travelled due to fear of change. As one of the line states in the song, “Head first I’ve heard is the best way. I’m not getting any younger, makes no sense to hold on longer.”

Recorded in Nashville TN, with music producer, Mike Flanders and The Orchard distribution label in NYC, ‘Free Wind’ was written by Nashville songwriters, Chaise Flanders and Jenn Bostic.  For Kristy, this is the culmination of years of work, connecting with the ‘right’ people, believing in your craft and focusing on the big picture.

Kristy has had some international success with songs ‘I’m Not That Girl’, and songs on John Butler, Paul Kelly’ and Ash Grunwald, ‘Home Grown Roots III Compilation’ with ‘Chocolate Day’ and ‘Calling All You Wanted Angels’.

Kristy’s acoustic rootsy brand of pop music has taken her on a journey resulting in her songs being heard across U.S., and Australian radio stations.  You can read more about Kristy Coote’s upcoming Tour right here.

See Kristy Coote with Special Guest Tyrone Noonan perform in 2016:


Fri 12 – Vanguard – Sydney

Sat 13 – Street Theatre – Canberra Sun 14 – Lizottes – Newcastle

Thurs 18 – Beav’s Bar – Geelong

Fri 19 – Theatre Royal Castlemaine

Sat 20 – Thornbury Theatre Velvet room

Sun 21 – Toff in Town – Melbourne

Thurs 25 – Noosa Surf Club

Fri 26 – The Milk Factory – Brisbane

Sat 27 – Loft Chevron Island – Surfers Paradise

Sun 28 – Byron Brewery, Buddha Bar Byron Bay


Sunday 13 – Powerhouse Lawns – New Farm Brisbane

For show and ticketing details Visit www.kristycoote.com

For further media and information please contact:

Publicity Aust  Radio Michael Mathews mpmatthews@bigpond.com , Press Catalyst PR Cat Swinton catherine@catalystpr.com.au & act contact details AUST Manny Kyriakidis,Manny@pushworth.com , USA Michael Flanders, MusicDog@comcast.net

Rufus’ Top 10 of 2015

My Top 10 Albums Of 2015

by Rufus Onfire

And so here were are again. The month of indulgence is upon us, the season of giving about to get into full swing and the year 2015 is nearing towards a close in the ledger of time.

On the music landscape it was as you were in 2014 with digital sales hanging in there, vinyl still on the up in new and reissue form while the newbie cloud/streaming saw more players enter and even more people get into this new method of music delivery.

The little Aussie bleeder (aka the dollar) did just enough to allow artists big and small old and new to venture down to these parts for some live shows, while the festival market remained good for the heavy hitters while those on the fringe struggled or called it day due to lack of punters.

The great gig in the sky expanded its Houseband again a little too much in 2015 as we said adios to many a good muso and people from the bizz while the end of an era is just around the corner in the harbour city with the house that Nifty built aka the Sydney Entertainment Centre set to host its last gig this month before being demolished to make way for more apartments, only in Sydney some might say!

Working our way through 60 albums to get a final cut for 2015 was once again an enjoyable task, listening for the good stuff, little gems we missed the first time around or simply needing a pick me up in the ears to get to the business end of things which is the Top 10 Albums Of 2015.

And here they are, rolled out as tradition dictates in Playlist order if this were to be a CD, album or whatever delivery method your mind and ears prefer.

My Morning Jacket “The Waterfall” (#8 in Top 10)

7 albums in and the lads from Louisville Kentucky deliver a masterclass in alt country Americana.

Jim James and band build on the critical and commercial success they have racked up over the past decade here in style, and take it a step further sound wise too with some psychedelia and indie pop thrown in for good measure.

Sessions went so well here recording wise there’s already enough tracks in the can for an album in 2016, something that given the many meats of the band’s cultural stew of sounds should result in further goodness being added to the pot.

Selected Track: Compound Fracture

Rating: 4.5/5

Little May “For The Company” (#9)

From busking to playing covers in pubs all while sneaking their own songs into the mix for good measure, for the Sydney female trio Little May it’s certainly been a wild ride of late.

Decamping to New York to work with producer Aaron Dessner from The National, the indie folk sounds shine, the vocal harmonies glisten and the songs roll off the tape superbly as Annie Hamilton, Liz Drummond and Hannah Field deliver a fine debut long player here.

Comparisons to the likes of First Aid Kit and Haim abound, but it’s easy to see why the buzz is strong with the band and the sold out shingle starting to go up at more live gigs as a result. 2016 may see them spend a chunk of time in other parts of the globe supporting its release, but at home this is worthy of a wider audience.

Selected Track: Sold

Ruf Rating: 4/5

Tame Impala “Currents” (#2)

3 albums in and the enriching musical evolution of Tame Impala continues.

Only this time the main man of the Perth combo Kevin Parker has gone it alone, playing, twiddling, mixing and laying down each note on the album.

The old sounds we love now have some electronica thrown in for good measure showcasing an artist not content to stand still even if being meticulous at the same time in creating new tunes. Starting off with 7 minutes plus of Let It Happen which appeared out of nowhere come July the album proper dropped and grabbed fans in an instant while also being a tasty morsel for outsiders and occasional listeners of the band as well.

And on the home front the band’s audience has started to mirror that of overseas punters who got on board early and still savour many a fine offering of sound, none more so than this album which is oh close to being top dog for us, and only missed out by a speck.

Selected Track: The Moment

Rating: 4.9/5

Ron Sexsmith “Carousel One” (#4)

The troubadour from Ontario is back. 14 albums in and Ron Sexsmith may have made his name as the master of the melancholy on record, but here with a new label and new producer on board plus some top notch musos as well it seems an air of good vibes and positivity has taken over.

Mellow sounds and country twang mixed in with the classic Sexsmith song DNA of acoustic rhythms sprinkled with keys and electric guitars are across a whopping 16 songs on this album, which despite going against the grain of most modern day releases track wise doesn’t really have any filler on it and has something for everyone old and new to his work.

At its best like when we first heard it in April this is a great weekend listening album, something to whack on when downtime and relaxing sounds are needed and shows that even a quarter century in on record a man and his guitar from Canada still has a lot to offer.

Selected Track: Can’t Get My Act Together

Rating: 4.5/5

Bop English “Constant Bop” (#3)

One does love a good side project, especially when it all comes together to great effect.

In the case of White Denim front man James Petralli, the Texan’s day job has been renowned for taking a slice from as many musical styles as that band can fit into a record.

And in solo mode not only has the now standard fare of adopting a different moniker been taken, but with a few of his band mates in tow on this record as well the end result is something which doesn’t sit still sound wise and takes you on different tangents as the songs roll out.

Quirky beats, looped sounds and acoustic and electric guitars underpinned by a solid rhythm has your ears humming and waiting in anticipation for what is coming up next. To some it may be called self-indulgent and an artist being handed the keys to the cookie jar, but in the case of Bop English it’s an eclectic triumph that has you reaching for the jar wanting some of what he’s just devoured.

Selected Track: Struck Matches

Rating: 4.5/5

Holy Holy “When The Storms Would Come” (#1)

There’s something to be said about great Australian music when you hear it unleashed.

Brisvegas’ Timothy Carroll and Melbourne’s Oscar Dawson’s paths initially crossed in Indonesia where they were volunteering as English teachers. Fast forward to 2011 and now in Europe they met up again, this time in Sweden where Carroll is doing the singer-songwriter thing and Dawson heads over from Berlin where his then band Dukes Of Windsor have decamped.

They work on some songs which become demos and then back home take it to the next level and issue a single which gets picked up by Triple J. The buzz starts about these guys whose sound influences everyone from Neil Young to Springsteen, Pink Floyd to Texan folkies Midlake and talk turns to an album proper.

The duo settle on a full band set up to lay it down old school style on analogue under the guidance of producer Matt Redlich, a dude who is much happier behind a mixing desk or synthesizer than in public.

July 2015 arrives and the album When The Storms Would Come is released. Opening with 2 breezy salvos leading into indie bliss, things go up a gear before the album settles into drive just before entering the highway of sound and before you know it the foot is down and the rock is cranked to stunning effect.

The segueway of leaving the album’s highpoint and returning to the lush soundscapes on offer earlier shouldn’t work, but here it just does as the bands tight sound is the conduit to keep things flowing.

You get a tinge of psychedelic art rock slotted in finely too, and a slow building long track that showcases a band totally in control of their style and sound before a mellow closer sees it seem over fleetingly after it began.

And all of this without even talking about the stunning vocals both front and centre and harmony wise, perfectly overlaying the musical journey on offer.

A damn fine debut album offered up and one which no doubt in 2016 will see the band spending time criss crossing the globe spreading the good gospel that is Holy Holy, so why not join the gang and let your ears see what all the fuss is about, they will thank you for it trust me.

Selected Track: You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog (Song Of The Year)

Rating: 5/5 (Album Of The Year)

Foals “What Went Down” (#5)

Heading in a new direction sound wise after cracking the mainstream can be fraught with danger.

Oxford indie popster’s Foals joined the big league in 2013 with their Holy Fire offering, but this time around were keen to test the boundaries rather than simply offer up more of the same.

A new producer was also brought in to help bring frontman’s Yannis Philippakis’ vision to life, and knob twiddler James Ford’s CV which includes some band called Arctic Monkeys gave the impression a heavier sound may show on the new album.

We get a bit of that but at the same time what got them to this point isn’t totally discarded either, rock rhythm and riffs combining with the indie goodness these guys do so well and in a live setting take the punters along for a great ride.

Something for everyone here and enough new nuggets that should see the band continue to maintain a steady set in the musical main game for a while just yet.

Selected Track: Albatross

Rating: 4.5/5

City And Colour “If I Should Go Before You” (#10)

It’s been a pretty solid past few years for the Canadian artist Dallas Green.

The dude began his musical life in post hard-core form Alexisonfire (no relation eh heh!) before going solo, getting all descriptive with his performing name and stripping things back sound wise, the albums flowed and the fan base built including a lot of trips down under as well.

Chuck in a collaboration with Pink last year under the title You+Me and come this release after all of these events the expectation was there this guy may take it to the next level on record, even being as daring to start things off with a 9 minute plus taster!

There’s plenty of styles and sounds here which usually comes with the territory of a singer-songwriter but you just get the feeling the past few years of continued success and wider exposure outside of his homeland and disciple followers has seen the confidence ooze and bar raised higher which sees a fine album result for many more to enjoy and feeling they need a little more City And Colour in their musical collection as well.

Selected Track: Wasted Love

Rating: 4/5

Tim Rogers & The Bamboos “The Rules Of Attraction” (#7)

From a single song springs a collaborative collective.

2012 saw Melbourne funk and soul warriors The Bamboos invite some guest vocalists into the mix for their studio album Medicine Man, one of which was the You Am I front man Tim Rogers on the track I Got Burned.

An enjoyable experience was had, Rogers j0ined the band on stage live wise when commitments allowed and returned the favour by having some of them on his short lived TV show Studio At The Memo, all the while having in the back of their minds another stint in the studio was calling.

Schedules clear and 12 songs co-written by Rogers and Chief Bamboo Lance Ferguson were laid down and unveiled in May this year. The classic Bamboos sound still prevails and the addition of Rogers on more than one track this time around sees a solid release and one which also went down well when played live earlier this year as well.

Music that’s good for the ears and for the mind and soul plus gets the head nodding and the feet tapping, now where’s the harm in any of that.

Selected Track: Now And Then

Rating: 4.5/5

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “Chasing Yesterday” (#6)

Things are usually different the second time in solo mode land.

And in the case of The Chief Noel Gallagher he was ready to roll again in the studio after the steady beginnings of all things “HFB” in 2011.

Opting to self-produce and record in London this time rather than his recent preferred hang of LA due to regular producer Dave Sardy not being available, while it was great to be close to home work wise Gallagher remarked that also being in the area you go out and socialise in at the same time probably wasn’t the smartest thing.

Thankfully though the songs that make up this new album haven’t suffered in the process, Gallagher’s craft for banging out a good tune remains, whether it be the slow burner, the fuzzy guitar groove, elements of disco and jazz via the appearance of a sax on record here for a change and some of the familiar we all know, there’s enough on offer to fill out another solid release on record from The Chief.

Selected Track: Lock All The Doors (2 decade old demo re-badged and superbly reworked)

Rating: 4.5/5

Close, But Not Close Enough (11 to 15)

The Juliana Hatfield Three “Whatever, My Love”

(4/5, Track – If I Could)

22 years between albums, seems like they were never away. A nice slice of indie rock bliss.

The Paper Kites “Twelvefour”

(4/5, Track – Revelator Eyes)

Melbourne band show some promise on their 2013 debut. Second time around here they deliver on this and create the footprint for a wider audience to enjoy their sounds.

Dawes “All Your Favourite Bands”

(4/5, Track – Right On Time)

The current keepers of the Laurel Canyon sound, the LA folk rockers 4th album and best to date.

Josh Pyke “But For All These Shrinking Hearts”

(4/5, Track – Momentary Glow)

New beginnings label wise, and best release for the Balmain boy since his 2007 debut is the pleasing end result.

Belle And Sebastian “Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance”

(4/5, Track – Allie)

One of the first releases in 2015, which had enough good stuff in the tank to allow the Glasgow indie popster’s 9th album to still be in the mix come the business end of proceedings.

Best Compilations

In an era where easing your way in album wise and long careers on record have been replaced by immediate success or perish, mining the past via reissues/compilations still provides an outlet to introduce the next generation to or update someone’s own library with a choice stocking filler;

The Go-Betweens “G Stands For Go-Betweens – Volume 1”

Covering the early days of this Brisvegas institution from 1978 to 1984. Their first 3 albums plus some collectable singles and a stack of rarities, demos and some live work from 1982. And best of all it’s on vinyl. See they really are more than just the name of that bridge in their hometown you youngsters out there.

Selected Track: Cattle And Cane (still sounds fresh more than 3 decades after its release)

Rating: 4/5

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions “Collected Works 1983-1989”

Slowly but surely the artists of yore are seeing their back catalogues remastered and refreshed sound wise for your listening pleasure. 2015 included these Glasgow purveyors of pop’s 3 studio albums getting the long overdue treatment and don’t they sound oh so good.

Selected Track: Perfect Skin

Rating: 4/5

Echo & The Bunnymen “Do It Clean : Anthology 1979-1987”

2 decades into their second coming, but it’s the initial run that most still fondly hark back to from these Merseyside new wave post punk rockers. Sure it’s an update on a previous compilation but it still sounds great.

Selected Track: Do It Clean

Rating: 4/5

The Jam “About The Young Idea : The Very Best Of The Jam”

Another year, another Weller like compilation. Yeah it’s been done before but not on the scale here from go to whoa album wise of is original combo, all here in their superb sounding revelry. Mod up!

Selected Track: In The City

Rating: 4.5/5

Various Artists “Blaxploitation – Six Classic Funk Soundtracks”

Taken from the heyday of this genre’s film making in the 1970’s, the likes of Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers, James Brown and Booker T & The MG’s offered up their services to a timepiece of sound that continues to influence the current artists of today. And who doesn’t like to get down eh!

Selected Track: Theme From Shaft / Isaac Hayes (who wouldn’t pass up the chance for a classic to close out the playlist)

Rating: 4/5

So, there we go all said and done for another year. As always I hope you get as much satisfaction working and listening through these as I did putting it together.

Compliments of the season to each and every one of you, and as always may all your music be mighty.

Copyright 2015

Rufus Onfire


More Bluesfest 2016

Story & Photos by John Snelson

The Bluesfest 2016 Lineup is pretty exciting … top of the bill for me will be Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi … gosh she is a good singer … in fact she is up there with my all-time favourite singers, I love the phrasing and how she picks the octaves, lighter touches and the vocal delivery squeezed out … and this is a great band indeed (with Derek Trucks a really good slide and blues guitarist) and took gold in terms of crowd appreciation the last time they appeared at Bluesfest a few years ago … have a gander and get yer feet a-tappin’ at this  Tedeschi Trucks Band – Everybody’s Talkin’


Tedeschi TrucksFILE00502

I will be seeing Melissa Etheridge for the first time and so I am looking forward to that … then Joe Bonamassa although a frequent visitor to our shores is always worth seeing especially as he often has breat guests who come on stage with him … Brian Wilson may be a bit weird, but hey, it’s great music.  Locals Russell Morris and The Hussy Hicks will be good to see again too.

… and then there’s the other very-worthies including such big names as ..


Bluesfest 2016

A bit more news on next Easter’s Bluesfest program, only a few month’s away.  Get yer tix now !

Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys will perform the music from the album “Pet Sounds” in its entirety !

Brian Wilson

The 27th Annual Bluesfest is shaping up to be one of the best festivals yet, and the musical feast ranging from contemporary, blues and roots, legends and soul has tempted music lovers from near and far to make the pilgrimage to Byron Bay next Easter. Stay tuned for the next artist announcement for the festival coming this Thursday 26th November.

For those who love their music and can’t make the trip, Bluesfest Touring has it covered and continues to announce an impressive array of official sideshows happening around the country next March and April.

TAJ MAHAL – performing solo for the first time in Australia in over 20 years!

The legendary musician Brian Wilson, co-founder of The Beach Boys and the architect of the Californian sound headlines the massive third announcement of Bluesfest sideshows. In the 50th Anniversary celebration of Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson is coming to Australia for the final performances of the resounding masterpiece live in its entirety including the hits; ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, ‘Sloop John B’, and ‘God Only Knows’ as well as his greatest hits.

Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds is a rare, unforgettable live music experience spanning 2 Parts: Act 1: Pet Sounds and Act 2: His Greatest Hits and will feature his incredible band including original Beach Boys member Al Jardine and long-term member Blondie Chaplin. Bluesfest Festival Director Peter Noble has described bringing Brian Wilson to Australia to perform Pet Sounds as a “pinch me I must be dreaming moment”.

2015 has marked a triumphant return for Brian Wilson with a brand new solo release No Pier Pressure, as well as the release of Love & Mercy – the commended biographical film about Brian’s remarkable life, which has opened up his music to a whole new audience. Long-time fans and those who have just discovered Brian Wilson will be able to see him in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, New Zealand and at Bluesfest with a Sydney date to be announced soon.

For us at Get Shot Magazine, we are looking forward to seeing Melissa Etheridge surely one of the most exciting artists on stage and record.

Melissa Etheridge_sm

Blues fans of Taj Mahal will be delighted to hear the composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist will be performing solo and unplugged for the first time in Australia since 1994. Famous for nearly singlehandedly reshaping the definition and scope of the blues, via the infusion of exotic sounds from the Caribbean, Africa and South Pacific, the two-time Grammy winner from Massachusetts has been writing and performing for over fifty years. Taj Mahal will be performing Bluesfest sideshows in Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and Perth.

Experimental avant-garde group The Residents will be bringing their quirky show Shadowland to Sydney and Bluesfest in their first return to Australia in a decade. The Residents have been regarded as icons in the world of experimental music for over forty years and have garnered legendary status for their visionary music and unique aesthetics and managing to keep their identity a secret over their entire career.

Australian audiences will be taken on a journey into the wilds of the world and the heart when LA based Lord Huron bring their dreamy and inventive story-telling folk to Melbourne and Sydney for their debut Bluesfest sideshows. Their most recent album Strange Trails (April 2015) debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Top Albums and received widespread critical acclaim.

Soul sensations Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats will be coming to Sydney and Melbourne for their Australian touring debut in 2016. Originally a solo singer-songwriter, Denver’s Nathaniel Rateliff formed the seven-piece soul band in 2013. Their debut self-titled album was released to widespread acclaim on the iconic Stax Records in 2015 and peaked at #17 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart. A rousing performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has fast tracked the group to stardom; they were the #1 buzz artist at the Latitude Festival and have made it on Billboard’s list of predictions for the ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy Award for 2016.

With the announcement that Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and previously announced artists Allen Stone and St. Paul & The Broken Bones will be on the road next March, Bluesfest Touring is bringing the best of the blue-eyed soul revival to Australia next year.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real will be performing their blend of ‘Cowboy Hippy Surf Rock’ in their debut Australian tour. The band alongside Lukas’s brother Micah Nelson, recently became Canadian musician Neil Young’s backing band on his thirty-sixth studio album, The Monsanto Years (June 2015), and its accompanying tour. The Monsanto Years debuted in the Billboard Charts at #21 and on the Australian ARIA albums charts at #23.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real have also played with the likes of John Fogerty, Bob Weir, B.B. King, and Bob Dylan. Lukas first picked up the guitar at age 11 to honour a promise he made to his father, legendary Country musician Willie Nelson. Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real will be performing Bluesfest sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne.

With 25 Blues Music Award nominations and seven wins over an illustrious career spanning eleven albums, Janiva Magness is among the premier blues and R&B singers in the world today. She most recently won the Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year Award (her fifth win in this category), bringing her to seven wins, and she also won the coveted Blues Music Award for B.B. King Entertainer Of The Year (she is only the second woman to ever win this Award, Koko Taylor being the first). Janiva Magness will be making her Bluesfest debut in March 2016 and performing official sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney.

Count your lucky stars if you get to catch blues New Yorker, guitar maestro Lucky Peterson in Melbourne, Sydney or his Bluesfest debut in March.

LUCKY_PETERSON_CF033892_couleur©JMLUBRANOWith 18 solo albums to his name, Buffalo born Peterson released his first record at five years old in 1969, discovered by Blues legend Willie Dixon. The Blues Music Award nominee, vocalist, pianist, guitarist, French horn player and gun on the Hammond organ, fuses contemporary blues, soul, R&B, gospel and rock and roll.

Brian Wilson for Bluesfest 2016

Got your tickets for Bluesfest next Easter 2016 ? Getting any good vibrations yet ?

Great lineup coming … the latest is that Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys will be performing all of the “Pet Sounds” material – that’s one of the most influential albums of all time – live in its entirety in an extended set, as well as his greatest hits, and there’s lots of them !

BB2016Artists announced so far for Bluesfest 2016 include such well known and fantastic artists as Melissa Etheridge, Joe Bonamassa, The National, Grace Potter, The Tedeschi Trucks Band, Jackson Browne, Taj Mahal, The Cat Empire and Tom Jones.

Here is the latest Playing Schedule … watch this space for more announcements.

All 5, 3 & 1 day festival and camping tickets are on sale and selling fast  and are available through www.bluesfest.com.au or phone the office on 02 6685 8310.

Rock Photography Exhibition

Rock Photography by Tony Mott

This Saturday, a new exhibition opens at the State Library on New South Wales in the Mitchell & Dixson Galleries and runs until 7 February 2016.

Australia’s premier rock photographer, Tony Mott has captured all aspects of the rock and roll lifestyle through his camera lens. An untrained photographer, he got his break with a photograph of Chrissy Amphlett, lead singer of the band Divinyls, and went on to become Australia’s leading rock photographer.

Mott has had over 30,000 photographs published in 20 countries and his images have appeared on the covers of 500 CDs, 400 posters and more than 900 magazines.

His book, “Rock Photography – The New Trainspotting” hints maybe at the way digital technology has allowed a lower skill level entry point – suggesting perhaps that anyone with a pulse and say $3000 can afford a full frame Nikon or Canon and a f/2.8 70-200mm lens, reasonable kit to become a rock photographer.

keef-by-tony-mott132Mott was the photographer the bands asked for and his portfolio features the biggest and greatest names in music such as the Rolling Stones, Madonna and U2 as well as the rich and varied NSW independent band scene. From candid portraits to awe inspiring live shots Mott has a unique ability to connect with his subject.

Through the photography of Tony Mott the enormous changes in the music industry in Australia over the last twenty years can be tracked. The death of music street press, the loss of music venues as well the change to digital photography have all affected the music scene and as a consequence the art of rock photography.

Image: “Keef” (Keith Richards) by Tony Mott

Limit of Love

Limit Of Love2Album Review

Boy & Bear

“Limit Of Love”

By Rufus Onfire

Interesting times for those folkie rockers Boy & Bear. A couple of albums into their career but where to next after an ARIA award winning debut followed by a steady as she goes follow up in 2013?

Try starting with some old fashioned recording straight to tape on this new album with few overdubs and also bringing in heavy hitter Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Kings Of Leon, Crowded House, Paolo Nutini to name a few he’s twiddled the knobs for along the way) to see where this shift takes them.

The opener and title track eases in with some cowbell (is there any other way to cowbell it up) and a steady groove that builds nicely on the electrics as it plays out. First offering and lead single “Walk The Wire” sees a synth used in the band’s arsenal for the first time with a nod to an early INXS tune in parts sound wise.

Familiar ground then beckons with “Where’d You Go” it’s gentle swagger may seem pedestrian to some but remembering the live element recording wise showcases a band deep in the necessary groove to make it work. Dave Hosking’s vocals are once more crisp and concise on record even with the change in approach laying it down as the track ends and segues into “Hollow Ground”.

The band jumped around the instruments when writing these songs over a week spent in a south coast shack, and this seems to provide a spark on songs like “Breakdown Slow” as did encouraging a more collaborative process songwriting wise, with many picking the tune “Showdown” as the chief beneficiary of this.

So the songs are there, the straight to tape recording method noted as well as the input of John’s production and instrument too, so what is missing that makes this a good album but not a great one?

A few listens in and while it’s a solid release it seems the killer punch to get into that great album status is hard to pin down for me. Sure the band have said it’s feel and sound is more like a live show than the extra textures of their earlier releases and there’s nothing wrong with another steady as she goes album.

But for now that sign or sound that says “over and above” is taking it’s time to make an appearance for me, but hey a few more listens may just see it peer up from the bushes it’s perched behind and show it’s not only good but great.

Rating 3.5/5

Glenn Cardier – All Guns Blazing

Story by Jane Hearn :: Photos John Snelson

All guns blazing …. that’s how Glenn Cardier & The Sideshow went out in their performance on Friday night !

Dave Keogh - Altruistic Live Music Tragic ImpresarioDave Keogh delivered another great night of music and entertainment at the Eastern Lounge, his monthly Friday night blues club, this weekend.

This is a project that just seems to work – it has all the right elements

  • a club atmosphere in a surprisingly intimate venue;
  • a dedicated host who presents a thoughtful choice of musical guests; and
  • real music lovers who appreciate the musicians and their host.

There is plenty of good will here and Glenn Cardier & The Sideshow was a great choice to headline the celebration of the Eastern Lounge’s 50th show.

It was a full house for one of Australia’s best lyricists who has evolved a unique musical sound and compelling story telling style.

Glenn Cardier has written over 300 songs, worked at London’s Marquee and Ronnie Scott’s Club, the Glasgow Apollo and Liverpool Empire, through to Sunbury and the Sydney Opera House. He’s played every major Blues ‘n’ Roots Festival in Australia and performed at concerts with Frank Zappa, Spike Milligan and Manfred Mann.

Glenn Cardier & The Sideshow

Glenn Cardier & The Sideshow

The “sound” is a kind of fusion of blues rock, spaghetti Western and the dance macabre shot through with the highly creative imagination of a street poet. Cardier is in the vein of Lou Reed, Oscar Wilde, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits. You get the picture?

His songs are full of pathos, love, violence, and humour – tackling the harder issues, his expression of the profound and cruel ironies of life is masterful. There is a lot of music out there to enjoy but Cardier connects you to a deeper reality. That is true art – a sliver of gritty, undeniable realism delivered inside a riff that goes straight to the heart.

Glenn CardierAJS_1642 The haunting sound of Rex Goh’s Gretsch you can hear on “Signs and Wonders” is classic Goh.  This is an iconic Cardier song – people respond to this kind of honesty, to artists who name the un-namable as Cardier does here – a song about “the old punch & judy show” conjures the circus of ‘love’ corrupted by domestic violence.  It sounds heavy but as the song progresses the tension builds with that relentless riff to a climax that clears away any doubt.

The band is made up of five excellent musicians.

Rex Goh - Unassuming Great Guitarist Glenn CardierAJS_1714-2

First and foremost (above left) is Rex Goh a modest and incredibly impressive lead guitarist. Mick Malouf – pick a bass, any bass, upright double or electric (above right), and Phil Grove on accordian and keyboards with Davo Fester on the percussion and drums. All skillful and talented professionals.

Rex provides the earthy signature riff on many of the songs on his Gretsch guitars. Later in the evening Rex picked up a Fender Strat to get the Hendrix sound. Great stuff.

Glenn Cardier pictured with Davo Fester on those driving drums and Rex Goh, on that weeping guitar

Glenn Cardier pictured with Davo Fester on those driving drums and Rex Goh, on that weeping guitar

Rex Goh without apparent effort, complements his leader’s talents and unassumingly and persistently pulls the crowd in toward the band.

The excitement is palpable with lots of spontaneous ovations for the paced solos that showcase the entire band.

Special guest Christian Marsh accompanied Cardier on several numbers.
Glenn CardierAJS_1646He was fascinating to watch and certainly not your average foot stomping blues player. He brought a surprising mix of Australian, US and European influences to his sensitive harmonica playing. At times he was just plain mournful. I was so curious I bought Marsh’s own CD The Lilting and true enough as the title suggests it’s been the melodic background soundtrack for the weekend.  Love his version of “Hallelujah“.

The Roseville Memorial Club is host to these events at The Eastern Lounge … and this time, the sound was brilliant.

Glenn Cardier receiving a standing ovation = and rightly so

Glenn Cardier receiving a standing ovation = and rightly so

As Dave Keogh said in his roundup at the end of the evening … “If Glenn Cardier & The Sideshow is not the best band in Australia, I don’t know what is“.  Agreed.

Glenn Cardier to Play The Eastern Lounge

The Legend Returns

Glenn Cardier and the Sideshow plus dinner at The Eastern Lounge – best night out this side of the North Sydney Coal Loader.

Read what we thought of the performance last time he was in these parts : Glenn Cardier at The Eastern Lounge (by John Snelson Editor, Get Shot Magazine).

Glenn Cardier is a legend – he is uncompromising, he writes great lyrics and surrounds himself with top class musicians.

“There’s no-one else on the Australian music scene quite like Glenn Cardier. From the finely chiselled storylines and the razor sharp observations to the off- kilter delivery of his cryptic vignettes, he is a genuine one-off… a maverick… and you wouldn’t want it any other way.” – Trevor Leeden, Rhythms Magazine

Glenn Cardier at the last Eastern Lounge performance :: Photo – John Snelson

Glenn Cardier has enchanted audiences from London’s Marquee and Ronnie Scott’s Club, the Glasgow Apollo and Liverpool Empire, through to Sunbury and the Sydney Opera House. He’s played every major Blues ‘n’ Roots Festival in Australia and concerts with Frank Zappa, Spike Milligan and Manfred Mann… yet he loves playing Eastern Lounge. This is Glenn’s 3rd appearance at our humble venue and we’re thrilled to have him back!

Jamie Lindsay is supporting Glenn Cardier tonight – Jamie began playing guitar at the age of 9 and has been using it to write and express himself ever since.

Songwriting is his forte but in over 20 years as a professional musician, he has also developed into a skilled guitarist, vocalist and entertainer. Jamie’s played at all of Sydney’s major venues, performing his own wonderful originals as well as many classic hits you’ll know and love.

He’s supported many great artists from Richard Clapton and Ian Moss to Jack Jones, Diesel and Jeff Martin (The Tea Party). He was signed to the INXS-owned label ‘A&R Publishing’ in 2002 and worked with guitarist Tim Farriss… and he’s also recorded with the legendary songwriter/producer Harry Vanda.

Jamie’s passion for music continues to drive his creativity and his thirst for professional development. He’s someone we’ve been trying to get to Eastern Lounge for a long time… this is going to be a GREAT SHOW! MORE…


Glenn Cardier receiving a standing ovation = and rightly so
Glenn Cardier – All Guns Blazing

Story by Jane Hearn :: Photos John Snelson All guns blazing …. that’s how Glenn Cardier …

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